Western Union (WU) [16/26] [GURPS 4E]

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Western Union (WU) [16/26]


This mystical organization flourished in the expansionist phase of the First American Republic. Dominating as it did several primitive electromagnetic forms of communication, Western Union (WU) was a power on the North American continent, acting as a shadow government in many locations. Even in places where WU did not rule it still had great influence; it was rich, it was powerful, and it literally had an ear and mouth in every conversation in the First Republic.

Particularly respected — and often, feared — were its Messengers (sometimes referred to as the Pony Express; some scholars have also produced interesting evidence that the legendary Buffalo Soldiers were also part of the same mystical-military tradition).  Tough, fanatical to their cause, and widely reputed to be powerfully lethal with their hands and feet, WU Messengers helped keep the peace in a savage land.  They were also superstitiously linked with psychopomps in the public mind; it is unclear whether this esoteric association was actively encouraged by the WU hierarchy. Certainly folklore involving Messengers refers quite often to their supposed mystical abilities.  It is said that every attack made against a trained Messenger was instantly telegraphed — and easily countered…


Skills: Guns (Pistol), Judo, Karate, Riding (Horse)


Maneuvers: Aggressive Parry, Arm Lock, Counterattack (Karate), Evade, Feint (Karate), Jam, Kicking, Mounted Shooting (Pistol), Sweep (Judo), Trip, Uppercut


Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting, Body Control, Kiai, Mental Strength, Power Blow, Push, Sensitivity


Cinematic Maneuvers: Hand-Clap Parry, Roll With Blow, Timed Defense


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