New York Raid dropped today in Secret World Legends…

…if you play, and you haven’t gotten around to getting online for it yet, be warned: you need to pick up the mission in the central hub, go talk to the crazy conspiracy theory blogger in Brooklyn, and go to the grate before you try to group and/or queue it. Also: do yourself a favor and do the easier Story mode, but take it seriously.  You’re going to absolutely need two tanks and two healers, because… I dunno why about the tanks, because I don’t meatshield, but the tanks kept saying that they needed to keep switching off and I assume that there were reasons for that. As for healers, you’ll need two because one ain’t enough to keep everybody alive. And stay in close.  I managed to wipe three times running just by getting out too far.

Moe Lane

PS: But we killed the so-and-so.

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