Back from WashingCon.

Both games went well: the Sunday morning game had a couple of cancellations, but you have to expect that on the second day. It meant that the adventure ended a little early, but at that point I was ready to go home and collapse anyway. GMing takes it out of you, or at least me. Happy players both times, so I assume that it all went well.

And, hey, I went to a panel for once. It was on publishing and selling RPGs; there were a bunch of industry pros at that one. Very practical stuff, and I got to ask a question or two. Well worth the time investment. All in all, WashingCon is definitely cool. Especially if you like board games; in that case, it’s practically Nirvana.

Moe Lane

PS: Unfortunately, Georgetown University is a howling wilderness where the bars do not open until noon, and shut down at ten PM. This was almost legitimately horrifying. Isn’t it a college, or something?


  • jeboyle says:

    Depends. If that is a description of the bars in Georgetown (the municipality), then Georgetown does not meet the Pennsylvania State Requirements for a college town.

    If however, Georgetown UNIVERSITY has its own bars that are open from noon to 10pm, well..actually that’s pretty impressive.

    One wonders how they divvy up the tax revenue though.

  • jackson6644 says:

    9 hours of GMing yesterday and I’m hoping my voice recovers for work tomorrow.

  • Patrick Thomas says:

    If you are interested in doing San Diego’s Comicon, contact me, I actually know some folk and could probably get some tickets.

  • Finrod says:

    You would probably enjoy the gaming track here at DragonCon; from what I understand there are 14 time blocks, four each Fri Sat Sun and two Monday, and games take anywhere from 1 to all 14. Finding space in a host hotel is a serious challenge, though, and I have no idea about the satellite hotels.

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