Gonna go see “It” tomorrow.

Was half-thinking about seeing it tonight, but I got very little sleep last night and I probably should get some more before I drive anywhere.  You know how that goes.  Anyway, I hear that It is excellent, which is nice; Stephen King movies can be a little hit or miss sometimes.

I do wonder who they’re going to cast for the adults in the sequel — and since the movie had a 120-125 million dollar opening weekend, it’s going to get a sequel — and whether they’re going to be well-known or not.  I’ve been reading arguments either way on this today, and I don’t know which I prefer, either. Although I wish that we had had the foresight to stick Harry Anderson in a cryogenic vault so that he could reprise his Richie Tozier role.  Shoot, it might have even worked out better for Anderson that way.

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