The fairly brutal Honest Trailer for The Mummy.

It’s not as brutal as the one that they did for Catwoman, though.  There was something righteous about that particular trailer.  Not self-righteous; just plain righteous.  As if an angel came down from Heaven, because the fate of the three planes depended on it.  In contrast, the one for The Mummy is just aggravated:

I didn’t think that the movie was that bad.  Of course, it’s pretty clear by now that I am remarkably forgiving when it comes to the big screen. I dunno if that makes me more valuable as a reviewer, or less so.  Probably a wash.

Moe Lane

PS: They’re still making Bride of Frankenstein.  Why?

Heck, it is possible The Bride of Frankenstein will work precisely because it stands out from the pack (a smaller-scale, character-driven, star-powered, female-led gothic romance) as opposed to the “do what everyone else does” try with The Mummy.

I actually would be down with a small-arc bodice-ripper in full ‘girl in white dress running from the manor’ Gothic mode.  Something like Hammer Studios in its prime, in other words.  That’d be good for a popcorn film.

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  • JAB says:

    These days I see so few movies in theaters that I’m not going to see a movie based on just one person’s opinion. That said, knowing “This guy likes action movies” or “This guy is generally forgiving, if he hates something give it a pass immediately” is mildly useful.

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