The GURPS Traveller Bundles of Holding.

Yes, bundles.  There’s GURPS Traveller Essentials, and GURPS Traveller Wars. The first Bundle of Holding includes a book (GURPS Traveller Starports) written by John M. Ford, and that’s worth it all by itself. I still miss the guy.

Anyway, I have the originals in print, and it’s a tight series; you’ll like it.  It’s also an alternate of the original timeline, mind you: no assassination of the Emperor, no collapse of civilization, and no New Era stuff.  So it might be a little odd-looking to any real grognards perusing it…


  • bensdad00 says:

    FYI – a map book that is filled with potential story hooks and game seeds – seek out or avoid at your discretion.

  • MichaelN21209 says:

    I bought the “Little Black Books” when that was all there was to buy (although I wasn’t old enough to drive at that time), and I remember the release of Book 4 (“Mercenary”) and Book 5 (“High Guard”) with fondness, so I concede nothing to anyone in my grognard status. I was *never* a fan of the “Rebellion” storyline, and I remember waiting for the MegaTraveller errata sheets with a feeling of disgust. I personally found the GT timeline a much more believable alternate, although I could have dealt with some variant of the Empress Wave, had it ever been plausibly presented.

    I have a deep and abiding love for the Traveller game system, and I thought it was an excellent fit to be paired with the GURPS 3rd edition character design system and rules. It’s not *perfect*, of course, but what actually is? Still, if I were limited to GURPS Traveller and In Nomine as my only possible RPGs from this time forward… I could live with that. Not perfect, of course, but close enough.

    I already own everything in these bundles, but would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone interested in the setting. I think “GT Starports” is one of the finest supplements I ever purchased, and I am immensely proud of getting Mike to autograph my copy. FWIW, he was pretty proud of it, too.

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