I’m sold on Disney/Pixar’s Coco, methinks.

I don’t know if Coco is a ripoff of The Book of Life or not — I never got around to seeing it* — but the friendly dead could have been right out of Corpse Bride, and I am very fond of Corpse Bride. ┬áPlus, of course, Spanish guitar. ┬áThere’s gonna be tons of it. Which more or less means that I’ll go watch it.

Out for Thanksgiving.

Moe Lane

*Yeah, I don’t know why, either.

PS: The song that you’re trying to remember is Bitter Sweet Symphony.

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  • junior says:

    Saw the trailer for this. After watching it, it occurred to me that Disney currently owns Grim Fandango. And it would be REALLY REALLY REALLY cool if Manny Calavera had a cameo. And Glottis, of course.

  • acat says:

    You really should see Book Of Life .. especially (and I mean this in the kindest way possible) if your or Mrs. Lane’s parents aren’t getting any younger.
    Kids need a framework for handling death, and .. the Spanish/Mexican one is a bit healthier than the variant Chicago-drunken-Irish one I inherited … and have *mostly* gotten past.

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