The SJ Games ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Kickstarter.

Very clever, the way that they set the Conspiracy Theory Kickstarter up:

Early-bird supporters can get either five, three, or one buck off, depending on how quickly they hit that support button.  Not that it would have mattered, in my case; I was determined to not back this puppy until at least the Dungeon Fantasy stuff was in the mail.  …It went into the mail today, according to the message that I’ve just gotten.  And the Munchkin Shakespeare stuff has shown up, just in time for me to give it as a present; so, well played, Steve Jackson Games.  Well played.


  • Spegen says:

    Can’t answer the question of why this was needed. Bunch of other games do similar things plus I am jaded because I bought a Princess Bride game with a similar mechanic and that sucked. Will hold my money until the next ogre kickstarter or if/when car wars finally escapes development hell

    • Luke says:

      Most games aren’t needed.
      They’re a leisure activity and a luxury good, nearly all of which recycle mechanics from other games that have gone before.
      That doesn’t stop me from having a closet full. (Significantly more than that if you count RPGs.)
      Consider a different two part test:
      Does this look like something I would enjoy playing?
      Would the other people I can rope into playing games with me enjoy it as well?

      • acat says:

        Yep .. and *sometimes* the recycling of mechanics becomes the problem.
        (yes, a cat is *still* pissed that Bioshock Infinity decided it wanted to be more of an FPS with a few puzzles instead of a puzzle-game with some shooting.. why do you ask?)

        • Luke says:

          Bioshock 2 convinced me that anything further in the line would irritate me.
          (It wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t very good. The worst thing about it, is that it could have been made decent fairly easily by simply changing how enemies spawn. Having hordes of mobs appear out of a dead end I’ve just cleared shatters my willing suspension of disbelief and dances upon the shards. So does having hordes of mobs in a setting where hordes can’t possibly sustain themselves.)

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