In the Mail: @SJGames’ GURPS Dungeon Fantasy.

Isn’t Dungeon Fantasy pretty-looking? Basically, this is everything that you’d need to run a much more modular fantasy RPG adventure campaign while at the same time using the GURPS system (hence, the entire ‘Powered by GURPS’ thing).  It looks real nice, but I’m the wrong person to ask about that. I may not speak Fourth Edition, but I understand it well enough that I’d just sort of paper any problems over in my head and just keep on going.

So why did I buy it?  Gee, well, it has GURPS in the title.  That should be a pretty strong hint as to why, yes?

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  • Mad Italian says:

    Looks like you received yours about a week before mine is scheduled to show. Did you get the DM screen too?

    Looking forward to training my kids on GURPS. With the first set of kids we were solidly DnD 3.5 editon. (Yes, two “sets” of kids, same wife, long story.)

    Just in time for some winter weekend dungeon crawling.

    P.S. Don’t forget the PDF character sheet they just released.

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