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Mole Nose Doom [0]


This is, strictly speaking, a curse: the victim’s nose is replaced with a horrible wriggling appendage (much like a mole’s nose) that both horrifies and disgusts most people who see it.  It’s almost impossible to hide the curse, either. Between the wriggling and the smell of burned earth, Mole Nose Doom is very hard to miss.  


However: the victim can now shoot waves of seismic force out of his nose. At the earliest stage of the curse (the sufferer can put more points into Innate Attack, but may not buy off Hideous or Unnatural Features), this isn’t enough to kill anyone — but it can be a nasty surprise to an unarmored enemy, and the psychological effect can be pretty alarming. Some people are willing to accept looking like a monster in exchange. And rather more rulers are willing to enlist the services of somebody suffering from Mole Nose Doom.  Not to mention, encourage them to train up in its use…

Advantage: Innate Attack (2d6 crushing) [10] with the Cone (3 yards) (+80%) and Double Knockback (+20%) enhancements [20].


Skill: Innate Attack (Breath) [DX] [1]


Disadvantages: Hideous [-16], Unnatural Features 5 [-5]


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