Busy for the rest of the week.

Got something going on this week — nothing to do with me directly, and nothing bad, but I can’t talk about it — and the preparations for that are ongoing, and involve a lot of driving.  Also, the Kaidan Docks finally dropped for Secret World Legends, and it turns out that there are a couple of missions I apparently didn’t do in The Secret World!  Shocking.  Also, very Jungian.  No, literally, one adventure required me to go into the Jungian subconscious and tell the game whether my character had parents who loved her.  My answer to that, and other questions, turned out to make a difference in the final boss battle.

Because that’s the kind of game that Secret World Legends is.


  • acat says:

    I saw a salon advertising pumpkin facials today ..
    Just sayin’ is all.

  • junior says:

    That particular mission was part of the same TSW release that introduced the… ummm… perky Orochi security bot (iirc, that was the one after the Orochi dungeons). This is, since there was no particular reason to go back to the elementary school at that point (unless you were doing the “tag the birds” side mission, since that was the best spot for that mission), it was easy to miss.

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