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MCB Distribution is an international corporation with offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Frankfurt, with a fourth to open in Petrograd by the beginning of next year. It is privately owned, aggressively protects its privacy, and relies heavily on its client list to keep governmental interference to a minimum.  With that kind of operating methodology, you’d expect MCB to be a truly awful corporation — and guess what? You’d be right.

Although MCB prefers to call itself ‘amoral,’ on those rare occasions when somebody’s in a position to lodge a criticism that requires a honest response.  The company specializes in providing items or opportunities that cannot be purchased by mere money, and its executives will rather smugly point out that this keeps them out of (say) the fields of human trafficking, illicit drug distribution, and conventional criminal activity; by definition, all of these things involve things or services that can be purchased with conventional currency. If somebody could conceivably just buy it, it’s of no interest to MCB Distribution.


But aside from that one limitation, anything goes. MCB is where you go to buy love, happiness, damnation, self-respect, virtues, souls, memories, or simply your good name back. And what’s the cost? Again, it’s not money or tangible goods. If you’re stupid, you pay in undefined favors. If you’re a bit smarter, you pay in well-defined favors. And if you’re a genuine player, you pay in opportunities. If you come across something that MCB might be able to trade to somebody else — a moment of pure innocence, say, or a perfect tableau of mutual loathing, disgust, and need — somebody at MCB will be happy to trade it for something more suitable for your own needs. And you don’t have to actually own it, either. Virtually everything that MCB trades in is deemed to be impossible to steal by conventional law enforcement.


That being said: working for MCB is a pleasant enough experience, as long as you’re not an executive. The company has reasonable expectations about work, good benefits, not much in the way of corporate nonsense, and generally doesn’t expect its workers to worship it. Executives, on the other hand, get to be that way by getting involved in the favor-trading swapping business on a personal level; they tend to get promoted quickly, and then either implode just as quickly.  The few that survive the promotion process eventually effectively disappear in the company’s upper levels.


Alert investigators will soon realize that MCB Distribution is a corporation that doesn’t do any strictly financial activity; so, how does the company make any actual money? It’s a very good question, and since it’s almost impossible to check the books, how MCB makes a profit remains a mystery.  Many people who specialize in tracking the intersection of commerce and the weird work under the assumption that MCB is heavily mundanely subsidized; the goal of its unpleasant trading and swapping networks is not to acquire more wealth, but instead to further the agenda of its owners.


And presumably said agenda is not friendly to humanity.

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