Well, it really does look like @SecretWorldLgds updates tomorrow.

Both Orochi Tower and lair.

We are all really, really excited about how much we’re all gonna die tomorrow.  I mean, it’s gonna be epic.  Even assuming that the lair mechanics work properly on the first try — HAH! — there will be Total Party Kills as far as the eye can see. …I hope, at least.  If it’s a cakewalk on Day One that means that the dev team didn’t come up with a lair that would stretch the rest of us a little.

No, really, this is a consideration.  I was doing a regional boss today with the rest of my cabal, only our particular ten-man raid didn’t really have anybody who had faced the boss before in Secret World Legends.  We got smacked in the first run-through: I must have died five, six times.  There were at least two points where we were almost all frantically running back to the summon point to resurrect before the entire team wiped, which would have reset the boss. I kept getting stuck down to 15% health and kiting the edge of the battlefield, waiting for my one heal to reset so that I could boost myself back up.  The entire escapade was a five minute tutorial of death.

It was great.  When that thing went down, I knew that I hadn’t phoned it in. Or got carried by the rest of the team. Not exactly the most tangible accomplishment in the world, but we were laughing the whole time anyway.

Moe Lane


  • junior says:

    Woohoo! The tower is great fun.

    And I get my wings back.

    Got a friend of mine who’s told me repeatedly that he loves this game. He even got the lifetime subscription.


    In speaking with him, I learned that he still hasn’t gotten out of the first area in New England. He apparently decided to wait for another friend of his (whom I don’t know), and said friend never started playing. And then Destiny 2 came along and distracted my friend. So Funcom is about to release the first new content in this game, and my friend who’s a big fan of it *still* hasn’t really started playing yet.

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