…Well, I got the bleeping wings.

Current endgame for Secret World Legends: fight, sneak, and in one case simply run (creeped out) through twenty-one floors, to get to the boardroom. Fight through the boardroom to get to the penthouse.  Fight through three crazy Japanese katana schoolgirls wearing rabbit heads to get to Lilith.  Annnnnnnd then there was an exposition dump, punctuated with occasional bouts of killing monsters.

And now I have wings.  It was a fun afternoon, but I am exhausted and I need to sleep now. The freaking lair will still be there tomorrow.



  • junior says:

    Started it up last night. Figured I’d fight through the tunnels, run the three floors, and then call it quits and go to bed, saving Lilith for later.

    The first hint I had that things might not quite work out as I expected was when I ended up going to the same subsidiary for two floors in a row. I don’t think I actually realized that they’d changed it until I was half-way through the third floor, though.

    On the one hand, I can see the usefulness of changing it up from a practical standpoint. It makes it feel more like you’re working your way through a corporate skyscraper. On the other hand, I already went through most of these floors in TSW. And I went through some of them a *LOT* back in the day, given how it was always random which floors you visited.

    And now I have to do *all* of them at least one more time.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I haven’t gone back to run them, because after that and the lair today I am kind of worn out when it comes to MMOs. Hopefully we won’t have to do all the floors again just to do the boardroom.

      • junior says:

        You didn’t in the past. You could go directly from the lobby to the top whenever you wanted once you had it unlocked. I can’t imagine them changing it for SWL.

        Also, since they made you go through all twenty or so floors to reach the top, they’ve now made it possible to rerun just one company’s set of floors as a Main Quest. So if you just want to rerun Anansi’s floors, you can do them without having to rerun all of the lower floors first.

  • junior says:

    Finished this the other night. Haven’t used my wings yet, but I finished it.

    And then I went looking for the Orochi dungeons, which I’d never run in TSW, and was looking forward to clearing. And I realized that, oddly, they weren’t included in the Orochi Tower patch. Nor are they mentioned anywhere on the release timeline.


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