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Sorry, folks, but it’s a war zone out there right now when it comes to popular entertainment and I want to be throwing spoons at stupid people’s heads. At this rate, I may need to switch over to doing nothing but creative work all day. Or, heck, start cooking-blogging. People like recipes*.

Moe Lane

*My wife managed to throw together a rather good beef-with-gravy mix over egg noodles this evening.  I had some chopped-up pot roast and onions ready for quesadillas, but she wasn’t up for all the cheese; so she made a roux, added a bunch of beef broth, stirred in half a packet of onion soup mix, and then dumped in the beef. By the time everything was hot the noodles were ready.  Hot, reasonably fast, and tasty on a wet autumn day.  We’ll have to remember this one later.


  • Luke says:

    It’s been a warzone for decades.
    The difference is that we’re actually fighting back effectively. (To the utter horror of several self-proclaimed conservative pundits who I used to respect.)
    You totally lost me at onion soup mix. My mother was not what you’d call a good cook, and that stuff haunted my childhood.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Really? Interesting. Both my and my wife’s family used it exclusively to savory and salt up a sauce. I don’t consider it high cuisine, but I like it for unsubtle meals. But tastebuds differ, of course.

      • acat says:

        Can’t use most onion soup mixes .. MSG sends Mrs. Cat’s heart into palpatations. Not the dangerous-call-911 kind, but *very* uncomfortable for her.
        There are days, Mr. Lane, when I envy your reduced allergy existence.

  • Finrod says:

    My current joke is that the difference between Hollywood and the adult film industry is that in the latter, the sex is in front of the camera.

  • Finrod says:

    Oh cool, someone is mass-producing these things now:


    It’s a gun that fires a shotgun-style spray of salt that you use to kill bugs. Flies don’t see it coming and even if they do they still get caught in the spray and killed.

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