I suppose that I should drop Elder Scrolls Online.

I haven’t played Elder Scrolls Online in over a year, and I am absolutely dreading the idea of all the downloading that would come with updating it.  It took half a day just to start the game in the first place, because there was wave after wave after wave of multi-gig updates.  It’s a lovely looking game, but it’s just too damned big to download online effectively.

Maybe we should start up again with actual physical storage media for updates?  Something like USB sticks, only ROM.  Hard drive memory’s insanely cheap these days; maybe the companies could come up with something economical to use.  Certainly it’d be easier to install.

Moe Lane

PS: Still, the new DLC looks pretty.


  • Compound says:

    Might want to hold off for just a while longer. This month’s Humble Monthly Bundle (Humble’s little subscription service where they send you mystery titles at the beginning of each month, plus an announced title or two) is Elder Scrolls Online, and it’ll come with the game, 750 crowns, a little piggie and 15 days of plus, as well as stuff for Quake and the Elder Scrolls card game. Might not be enough to stick around, but something to keep in mind.
    Also, in the past few weeks the install sizes for new releases Forza 7 and the new Middle Earth game were both over 100+ GB. So, yeah. It’s getting a little outrageous.

  • jeboyle says:

    You’re right, it is just too big, but it’s pretty enough that I’m willing to keep for a little longer.

    100 + GB for a new install? Crikey!

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