Call of Duty’s remarkably insidious new ad.

I don’t play Call of Duty and I’m not going to buy this, but mad props to the people who put this commercial together.

Yes, I said ‘mad props.’ I don’t care if that dates me.

Anyway, if you’ve never had the pleasure of running raids or dungeons or whatever with people who you know and get along with, it’s fun. Especially if you can hear them, which is probably why voice chat is insanely easy to do on the computer these days. And I mean it’s at the ‘the free services do everything that you reasonably want to do’ level of ‘insanely easy,’ too. So if you ever wondered what the heck video games has ever done for humanity, well: it’s done wonders for our communications grid.

Moe Lane

PS: OK, I admit that this looks sweet.

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  • Luke says:

    I know I had lots of fun on the Destiny raids.
    People working towards a common goal while doing something fun is almost always a good time.
    I tried out the virtual academy homeschooling route about five years back, and was surprised to find it was almost exactly the same as the online tools we were using to run RPGs in the late ’90s (albeit requiring much less fighting with Python).

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