Location seed: State of Transylvania.

I think that this may have been inspired by a Suppressed Transmission? I can’t remember and my books are behind several physical walls of sewing equipment. But it sounds like an idea that Ken Hite might have.

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The State of Transylvania


It’s always existed, but you’ve never heard of it.  It’s not on the map, there’s no 51st star in the flag, and it has no representation in Washington.  As long as you’re not actually in Transylvania.


If you are in Transylvania, then it’s a somewhat rural state whose capital and major city is Teakle. A history of the state — if again, read inside Transylvania — reveals that it became a state in 1815, barely sided with the Union in the Civil War, and generally existed, unremarkably, for the next hundred and fifty years.  The legislature is Democratic, the governor is Republican, and the Senate and House delegation is split evenly. Transylvania has 4 electoral votes, and has been a reliable Republican Presidential state since 2004.  Apparently, Transylvania’s Makepeace Bishop served as Vice President in 1880, and Horace Leviathan Jones was a strong Presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket in 1912. The major industry today is livestock; Transylvania still sends endless streams of cows and pigs north to Chicago for the slaughter.

Again: outside of the state, none of this is true. Inside the state, all of it is.  Call out from inside Transylvania, and people on the other end of the line will matter-of-factly agree that the state exists; but the moment that you go past the border, those same people will suddenly forget that you talked to them.  And, unless you have a particular sort of brain: so will you.


There is no explanation.  How can there be?  Everyone thinks that everything is normal. Only a select few people realize that there is an incongruity here, and they often end up in mental institutions if they’re not careful. On either side of the border.


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