Apple e-books forced to make it rain for Amazon customers.

Well, at least make it drizzle a little: “On Wednesday, Amazon sent out another installment of payments relating to its “Apple eBooks Antitrust Settlement”—except this time, it was to settle related lawsuits brought by a group of state-level attorneys general.” I got a little bit less than eight and a half bucks, which I’m gathering is likely to be on the high side of things.  Still, it’s money in my pocket and almost enough to cover that new collection of science fiction short stories that just came out.  Who am I to argue with found money?

Moe Lane

PS: The book I got is below. It’s got some stories that I rather badly want to read in them, actually. So, hey, the day’s looking up?

3 thoughts on “Apple e-books forced to make it rain for Amazon customers.”

  1. I got a whopping 74¢.
    Which tells me most of what I was reading at the time was public domain, Baen or indy. (OK, it still is. But at least I’m consistent.)

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