Patreon Microfiction: “Marching Through Alabama.”

Marching Through Alabama” is set in an interesting world.  It’s also this one.  I have the broad outlines of the general war that took place on the North American continent during their 1860s firmly set in my head… which is probably where it will stay, because while I don’t much care for getting every single historical detail right I also don’t much care for kicking fire anthills.  God help me if I get a detail on a single company-level officer’s career or habits wrong, because the Civil War buffs* never will…

*Sayeth the man with a level in Civil War Buff.  But only a single level.  I am aware of my limitations.


  • Luke says:

    I’m not going to admit how many levels I had in that particular obsession in my younger years.
    Due to degradation of unused skills, I currently have only a couple of levels left, but I still have a very good collection of books that I refuse to get rid of. (It used to be truly excellent, but I had to pare down on the biographies.)
    I ought to be able to help you out with the Confederate side of things a bit if you want it.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Oh, you have no idea. Give you one: Buchanan served two terms, and they had to make former Governor Lincoln Ambassador to England in the mid-Seventies to get rid of him. That entire awkward way that he ended up ruling the entire Midwest for about eight years or so, and everything. But it worked out: he managed to get the entire coast of British Columbia effectively signed over to the USA. Or, as he put it to Queen Victoria: if England didn’t want to use its Pacific territory then the USA would like to borrow it for a little while.

  • Catseyes says:

    I know what you mean about mean about having a story in your head, it came from something you mentioned in passing, does that matter, you mentioned it and I have a story about it?

  • Catseyes says:

    Credit where it is due, I wouldn’t have come up with if you didn’t mention it.

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