The Cuphead Honest Game Trailer.

I dunno whether Screen Junkies itself is going to survive creator Andy Signore’s firing for alleged sexual harassment and assault, but Cuphead got an Honest Game Trailer from Smosh Games.  The use of a different voice-over person in that one was apparently just a temporary aesthetic choice, at least according to EpicVoiceGuy himself. So there’s that.

By the way, this was a very useful trailer. I was actually contemplating whether I want to play Cuphead.  I’m getting the impression that the answer to that would be Not if I value the good opinion of everyone close to me…


  • BigFire says:

    Moe, you know you want to be humiliated by a video game that cheerfully want to bash your head in. Do it.

  • BigGator5 says:

    “Cuphead” reminds me of “BattleBlock Theater!” in a lot of ways.
    Also, Screen Junkies hasn’t put anything out since Andy Signore’s departure. They might be reorganizing.

  • JustDave says:

    That animation style is beautiful, though. If it’s ever on sale, I think it would be worth $5 or so just to play on easy mode.


    Also based on stuff like Portal Stories: Mel people can get surprisingly whiny when video games get the least bit difficult, so I’m not sure how much credence I’d give to the “it’s so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard” complaint…

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