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Tim Burton’s Scary Christmas (1993)

Description: A standard movie DVD and case, apparently printed in 2003.  The full title is Tim Burton’s Scary Christmas: Tenth Year Anniversary Edition.  The cover shows an animated Santa Claus wearing a skeleton mask; beneath is the legend “Boo Boo Boo.”

Director: George Pal

Producer: Harry Saltzman (United Artists)

Writers: Tim Burton, Paul Jabara

Cast:  James Coco (Santa Claus), Katharine Blake (Mrs. Claus), Lee Marvin (Mr. Bones), Gilda Radner (Lily Bones), John Hancock (Dasher), Mary Wells (Dancer), Tim McIntire (Rudolph), Trey Wilson (Head Elf)

Genre: stop-animation musical comedy. Rated PG, mostly for slightly scary images.

Plot: Santa Claus is a hardworking jolly old elf who spends every year bringing joy to children everywhere.  But when the schemes of Santa’s head elf results in Santa and Halloween World’s Mr. Bones trading places, it’s up to Santa to somehow save Halloween before he and Mr. Bones are stuck in each other’s jobs forever.

Extra Features: a mini-documentary (Remembering Tim Burton), which features extensive interviews with the cast and crew talking about Tim Burton’s life and legacy.  The featurette ends with the legend In Memoriam, 1958-2001.


  • bensdad00 says:

    Recognized as the first casualty in the culture wars, Burton’s public dismemberment and immolation after the release of an unwanted, unneeded, and reviled remake of Planet of the Apes led to copyright reform and the dissolution of the Hollywood Studios and the NEA directly, as well as the bankrupting of the recording and publishing industries; all of which led to our current golden age of artistic expression and creation.

  • acat says:

    I am most happy that, in some time lines, Gilda Radner beat (or simply did not develop) ovarian cancer.

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