So, went to the Newseum today.

What possessed my kid’s school to schedule a field trip on Halloween I’ll never know.  On the other hand, it had a piece of the Berlin Wall (and an East German guard tower), which I actually wanted to see.  And on the gripping hand, I took the opportunity to get a little counter-programming in on the Cold War.  Nothing too heavy-handed, of course.  But it’s never too early to let kids know the truth about Soviet Communism*.

Moe Lane

*”Why does one side have graffiti?” “Because the East Germans shot people who got too near their side of the wall.” I can’t wait to find out if my kid’s homeroom teacher is going to get phone calls from the other parents tomorrow. Although, to be fair, the most delicious thrill of horror the kids got from my impromptu two-minute lecture was probably when I said “Now, when I was your age — in 1980…” and they all went “Ooooo.”  Dammit, that still feels like that decade happened only ten years ago.

3 thoughts on “So, went to the Newseum today.”

  1. “Dammit, that still feels like that decade happened only ten years ago.”
    I’ve got a couple of years on you, and it feel like it was 10 minutes ago, not 10 years………

  2. Heh.
    My kid’s classmates love me for things like that.
    My own kids get embarrassed as hell. (Which admittedly, only encourages me.)

  3. +1 on the dammit comment…

    We’ve got a piece of the Berlin Wall near here in the Cosmosphere. But, instead of some crusty newspaper-related stuff, it’s got rockets. 🙂

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