The Spider-Man Homecoming Honest Trailer.

As somebody in comments noted — no, really: there’s a small but finite chance that a Youtube comment is not of the Devil — the Spider-Man: Homecoming Honest Trailer was almost certainly in the queue before Screen Junkies had to deal with the sexual harassment allegations.  So I don’t know whether this is representative of their new style, or not.  Heck, it may be a while before we get another one.

Still, it’s nice to have the series back.


  • bensdad00 says:

    I’ll bite…what allegations?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Dude who came up with the site got canned when he got (IMO) credibly accused of sexual harassment. At the tell-anybody-about-this-andr-your-boyfriend-loses-his-job level. Reading [between the lines], I also get the strong impression that the parent company is in full CYA mode because employees went to HR to complain, but got stonewalled.

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