Book of the Week: The Princess Bride.

Yes, The Princess Bride the book is not as good as The Princess Bride the movie. William Goldman was a little sad, and perhaps a little weary, when he wrote it. Keeping that out of the movie was a smart call. But it’s such a good book, nonetheless. It’s unfair to judge it by┬áits cinematic version.

And so, adieu to Anno Dracula: One Thousand Monsters.


2 thoughts on “Book of the Week: The Princess Bride.”

  1. I love that the film to the approach of a Grandfather reading the book to his Grandson. A convenient excuse for all the adaptations needed.

  2. I like both, and not to get too hipstery snob pretentious but I can see the film as a very meta version of the book.

    The book universe’s target audience (Goldman) loved a story, went back to the source material and found out it had been edited and abridged all to hell.

    Movie viewers who subsequently read the book get the same experience.

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