So. Justice League is gonna suck, huh?

I mean, we’ll know in a half hour, when Rotten Tomatoes ends an embargo on Justice League that everybody’s largely assuming signifies that the reviews aren’t going to be great. Certainly the New York Times, which doesn’t need no stinking embargoes, isn’t saying the same things about it that people said about Thor or Wonder Woman. And the Times didn’t even hate it! They graded it on a curve, but they didn’t hate it.

It’ll likely make a ton of money, though. If not here, overseas. So how to correct the DCEU? Well, if only there was a director with a proven ability to make a blockbuster film – preferably, one set in the DCEU universe – that was also widely applauded as being a good blockbuster film. But where could DC find such a wonder?


  • Luke says:

    Suckage is in the eye of the beholder.
    But I think I’ll beholding from Red Box.

  • 1_rick says:

    “As it is, the little bit of bat brooding in “Justice League” feels unmotivated and unearned, and lacks the shading of the character […] in the Lego movies.”

    Well, that’s just brutal.

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