Oof: Toymasters in Red Bank to close.

I bought my first desk catapult from this store.

…after 33 years, the door is closing. Store owner Denise Zappoli is closing Toymasters to focus on her health. She has put the business up for sale. The store is located in space owned by neighboring Hobbymasters, a landmark in Red Bank since 1974, which will continue to sell trains, drones, science experiments and more for the older set.

“And more” includes roleplaying games, by the way.  I spent a LOT of money at Hobbymasters on Rolemaster and MERP supplements.  I should pop back in, the next time I go to New Jersey.  Although I think that they’ve de-emphasized the entire RPG thing.

Anyway. Time keeps marching on, alas.

Moe Lane

PS: I believe that it was this baby:

Wouldn’t fire properly, of course. And at first. But I had a plethora of rubber bands and plenty of motivation to make it into a proper catapult. And, eventually, the minor ‘terror’ of my office…


  • Luke says:

    You can’t go home again.
    It’s an official plank in the conspiracy’s platform.
    I think my brain broke a bit when I went back to my hometown and saw that the old Mennonite bakery had been turned into a tattoo parlor/head shop.

  • jeboyle says:

    And those MERP and Rolemaster supplements could get a little pricey too.

    But their maps were works of art.

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