NaNoWriMo, Day 26: 1670/37366.

I lost a day yesterday and assumed that I would lose a day today. Travel (I’ve been up since 3:30 AM). But I tried to at least put in a few words, and here we are: 1670.

I’m going to sleep now.

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  • Belcatar says:

    Don’t lose heart, sir! The finish line is view! There is still time. My advice (as one who has done this a time or two) is this:

    1. Adjust the level level of inner criticism to zero.
    2. Write like the devil has a flintlock pistol to your head, and you just heard the baleful click as he locks that striker back.

    See you at the finish line!

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Oh, if this ends on 11/30 at 45K I’ll just spend a couple of more days finishing it up. It’s at 39K now and the end is more or less in sight.

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