Concombre de la Mort. [The Day After Ragnarok]

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Concombre de la mort

[The Day After Ragnarok]

The Concombre de la mort (‘Death cucumber’) is a mutated version of Ecballium elaterium, which is also known as the ‘squirting cucumber’ for its ability to briefly take flight under the right circumstances.  This particular North African variant has been heavily tainted by the Serpent: it now shoots itself with enough velocity to break bones, and is even more poisonous than the original. Its toxin acts as a powerful purgative, emetic, and diuretic; this generally incapacitates the victim for about an hour, unless it kills him outright.

Various primitive tribes in the Ras al-Thuban use the Death Cucumber for ambushes and raids; they have even created or converted ‘firearms’ that can shoot the cucumber safely.

Concombre de la mort: uses the Flare Pistol stats from The Day After Ragnarok, page 36. Damage is 1d6, plus poison (Vigor roll at -2: success raises Fatigue level by 2, failure raises it by 3). If this would be fatal, death can easily be prevented using the Concombre’s own rind (requires the Healing skill) if treatment can administered within five minutes.  Otherwise, the effects last for an hour.

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