My God, @wmata’s full of dholes. (And @washingtonpost needs to start printing genre fiction.)

It says something when Lovecraftian terrors from the deep make for a more coherent explanation for Dizzy City’s Metro problems than everyday, ordinary reality. I’m not going to give anything away past the title (“The worm turns: The chilling ‘truth’ of Metro’s recent shutdowns“). But, hey, you can probably guess, right?

As to the story itself: it’s not bad, but it’s only the start.  Next they gotta actually get to the action, have some conflict, resolve it, maybe have a last-minute twist, and then have the grim anagnorisis. But the dude who wrote it should definitely pursue this idea further.

Moe Lane

PS: Look, compared to some of the stuff that routinely appears in the Washington Post this is a welcome change, OK? Shoot, if I woke up tomorrow to discover that a section of the paper was now dedicated to daily genre fiction and serials I’d subscribe on the spot (and send in some stuff).  …Wait.  Why AREN’T they doing that?

No, really. Why AREN’T they doing that?  There’s money in it! All they need are people willing to churn out short stories at whatever cheap-ass per-word rate the paper comes up with!

Jeff Bezos!  Call me.  And don’t pretend you don’t have my number. I’m on Amazon Prime; you probably can make a good guess as to which shirt I’m wearing today.


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