Warner Bros.’ Jon Berg expiates dishonor for Justice League.

Jon Berg’s the guy who was keeping an eye on the production of the DCEU on behalf of Warner Bros. And he’s been removed.


Jon Berg, co-president of production at Warner Bros. Pictures, will leave his post at the studio to become a producer with filmmaker Roy Lee, who has produced successful movies for the studio including “It” and “The Lego Movie.” Berg, who ran point on DC movies and was credited as a producer on “Justice League,” has been an executive at the studio for about a decade. Toby Emmerich, president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, said it was Berg’s decision to step down.

Yes, and it’s my decision to start yelling when I step on a Lego at 2 AM*. Look, I don’t want to add to Berg’s problems, but: it’s pretty obvious that the dude, at best, went quietly in exchange for a soft landing. I know that puff pieces are part of said soft landing, but (again): let’s not pretend that everything’s hunky-dory at the DCEU.  It ain’t.

Moe Lane

PS: If you want good DCEU movies, Warner Bros, figure out what people want to see.  Here, I’ll help you. They want to see Wonder Woman… just the way you got her, you’re golden, don’t worry about it; they actually kind of want to see the Affleck Batman who was the World’s Greatest Goram Detective, so more of that;  and They want to see. Truth. Justice. And The. AMERICAN. Way.

The other three were fine.  Cyborg needs more to do, though. Hey! Give him a bunch of other youngsters to hang out with!


*Man, you should have seen my first comment!  This Spiced Harvest Ale sneaks up on a man.

7 thoughts on “Warner Bros.’ Jon Berg expiates dishonor for Justice League.”

  1. I haven’t seen the movie myself, but I’ve heard that Ezra Miller’s Flash is also quite popular. If true, that causes an interesting problem for DC. According to the Wikipedia page for the DCEU (yes, I know, Wikipedia…), the following movies are currently scheduled –

    Aquaman, Shazam, Wonder Woman 2, Cyborg, and Green Lantern Corps.

    Conspicuously absent from that list? Anything Flash related. There is a Flashpoint movie in the works, but they haven’t even picked a director for it yet. And, well, Flashpoint isn’t exactly the storyline I’d use to build up a hero in his first (nominally) independent film, you know?

    Also, looking at the list of titles currently slated for the DCEU, it strikes me that DC appears to be largely doing the equivalent of throwing stuff at the wall and checking to see which stuff sticks. It’s a pretty big mess.

    (Seriously, the Superman clone in 2019? Really?)

    1. Well, their animated stuff has been very strong. At least it was until the recent Batman/Harley Quinn one.
      But considering some of DC’s recent hires, I rather expect things to get worse. Hiring (for instance) the guy who destroyed the Spiderman franchise isn’t something to celebrate.

  2. Eh. At least Justice League did not put my 15 year old to sleep. Like the much higher rated Thor did. They both had pacing problems. They both had overbaked CGI. (What comic book movie not named Dark Knight doesn’t?) Justice League suffered from a bad villain, which is a common DC problem for anyone not named Batman.
    For all that, Thor was not a 94% pinnacle of movie making. JL was not 40% drek. I’d put them both in the barely-warmed over OK section and move on.

    1. Comic book movie without overbaked CGI? Deadpool.
      It was criminal how the BvS movie neutered Lex Luther. Heaven forfend that a villain might have a valid point, and still be a villain. (I’d make a snarky comment about “might confuse the foreign market”, but given the histories of China and India, I’d say they’re well acquainted with the phenomenon. So, really, it would be a snarky comment about the ignorance of film execs. But that’s too many levels of meta sarcasm for text to convey.)

      1. I won’t disagree about bvs. It was a mess on far too many levels. I’m merely saying I don’t think JL *quite* sucked. And that Thor wasn’t super fantastic.

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