So, it’s rumored that Star Wars: The Last Jedi Does Not Suck.

Of course, the people raving about it Not Sucking are mostly the kinds of people who could get to go to a Hollywood premiere. And, let’s be honest: those kinds of people have not been exactly impressing the rest of us with their perceptive abilities and ability to make informed judgments about things lately.  Still, at least one person in this roundup indicated that Things Go Boom, so we’re just gonna have to be hopeful, ya? We’ll find out Tuesday/Friday, when the embargo on reviews lifts / the movie comes out.


  • Aetius451AD says:

    For my purposes, the movie only has to do a couple things:
    1) Have a story that makes sense and is not just one action set piece after another.
    2) It is an actual new story, not just a rehash of Star Wars tropes we saw in Force Awakens.

    • Luke says:

      3) Not feature a MarySue.
      I am one of those former fans who is still in “salt the earth” mode over the travesty of the prequel.

    • junior says:

      How about –

      “Have a proper scary villain”?

      I watched TFA in the theaters. Then I saw it again on video. That opening scene in the movie – the one where Kylo Ren and the First Order rampage through the settlement slaughtering everyone – just wasn’t all that intimidating when I rewatched it and knew who was under the mask.

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