The final ‘Bright’ trailer.

The world-building on this Bright… weird.

I mean, how is it that a world that’s always had magic and fantasy races acts and sounds like the divergence point was somewhere in 2015 AD? If Orcs are this marginalized in society, why… actually, why are Orcs this marginalized in society?  Were they exempted from various American civil rights legislation in the 20th Century?  This should be a very different LA, particularly in terms of demographics and even neighborhoods.

I am worried that nobody thought of this ahead of time.  Because that’s the sort of things that I worry about.  Which is weird of me, yes.  Anyway, Bright comes out December 22.

Moe Lane

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  • Luke says:

    I’m always amazed that more people don’t.
    Without a coherent setting, anything that happens is arbitrary.
    Which can be fun if done well. The Princess Bride being one notable example.
    But most of the time, it seems like it’s done because the creators don’t want to be bound by consistency.
    Take Destiny. At launch, there were only a few things that we knew to be true. Prominent among these were that spaceships were incredibly rare and valuable, and that one faction was desperately trying to build a fleet of them. As a player character, you quickly amassed more ships than you had inventory. But you could not sell them, trade them, or even donate them. Your only option was to “scrap” (delete) them. (Much of the first game’s success was because of the background lore, which the game rarely touched, but was deep and compelling. This was tossed in the trash with the launch of the sequel.)

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