Item Seed: Red Carpet Fragment #17.

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Red Carpet Fragment #17


This artifact consists of a woven piece of wool, one foot by two feet, dyed red. Legend and carbon dating both date the Carpet at about BC 1300-1200; further legend indicates that this was a piece of the carpet spread before Agamemnon by Clytemnestra, upon his return to Greece.  There is currently no materialist way to determine the accuracy of that, but metaphysical probes suggest at least a strong symbolic link between the Carpet and that event.

The Carpet has one major supernatural ability: anyone currently standing on it will simply not notice any murderous attack made against him unless the attack actually strikes home, and does damage. Note that ‘him’ is not generic; the effect only works on men. Also note that everybody around the target will be able to see the attack coming, as long as it is not also directed against them.


The Carpet used to be much larger, but the ravages of time have caused it to be cut up into smaller pieces (and the ravages of paranoia have caused many of those pieces to be burned or otherwise destroyed). Currently, there are about thirty or so fragments left; Fragment #17 is easily the largest piece still in existence. It resided in the Smithsonian’s annex until about two weeks ago; currently, it’s being prepped for transport to a much more secure location.


Why? Because Fragment #23 (about one-half foot by two inches) was stolen from a private Ukrainian collector about two years ago — and threads from that fragment were discovered to be interwoven with a contemporary throw rug used in a botched assassination attempt in Tashkent last month.  Whoever stole Fragment #23 very carefully unraveled the threads, then re-wove them into a new rug.  This apparently worked well enough to warrant the immediate securing of all remaining Red Carpet Fragments.  Nobody’s ever really figured out why the Carpet works, after all. If unraveling it and re-weaving it will in fact produce a new assassination tool, best to get all the existing pieces under lock and key.


In fact, Fragment #17 is even now in transit. Once it arrives at its new, highly classified location, everybody can relax. Isn’t that nice?


  • junior says:

    Does the carpet work against verbal assaults? If you launch a blistering slanderous attack against someone standing on the carpet, will they not notice until all the news media run the story the next morning and ruin the individual’s reputation?

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