This leaked Solo LEGO toy materials reminds us that there’s a Star Wars Solo movie coming up.

Which Disney has been keeping absolutely under wraps up, to this point. Seriously: this Lego stuff is about the only bits we’ve really seen of any of the promo material. Solo is supposed to be coming out in May, and it’s not being hyped at all for a Star Wars movie.  Or even that much, really.  I went and I looked at how they did Rogue One, and trailers were dropping for the movie (which hit the screens in December) in April of that year.  We should have seen the first trailers for this movie in September 2017.


Well, folks: if you’re rooting for a Star Wars movie to flat-out bomb, I think that we’ve maybe found our first legitimate candidate for that. Between that silence and the rumors of a troubled productions, it’s very possible that Solo will stink on ice.  And, yes: I got a bad feeling about this…


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