TV Series of the Week: ‘Firefly 15th Year edition.’

Because Firefly Complete Series: 15th Anniversary is pretty. It is so very pretty. And the map of the ‘Verse that’s inside it is of a particular interest to me. I have never been quite convinced that the planetary system would have been stable in the short term, let alone the long.  Not that I said anything, because, you know: Firefly.


  • Luke says:

    With extra bonus footage from Joss Whedon’s private backstage videos. (This content not yet rated.)

    • Luke says:

      So far, I’ve made my Will save to not post fake fan testimonials hyping this fake news.
      But the innuendos write themselves.
      (Although once you hit Zoe’s back injury, I’m not sure you can keep classifying them as innuendo.)

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