Hey, Pelgrane’s doing a playtest for The King In Yellow: Aftermath.

That’s the King In Yellow (reality-decaying horror) setting where a Carcosa-infected dictatorship has been overthrown, and the PCs are all playing former revolutionaries in that world.  Anyway: is anybody interested in doing an online playtest? If I can get three or four people to sign up, I’ll email Pelgrane and try to get in on it.  It’ll be like the Fall of Delta Green playtest we did: we’ll do it all as a Google Hangout and whatnot.

Lemme know in comments if you’re interested.


  • Luke says:

    The perils of reading on a small screen.
    I initially saw “The Yellow King: Arthur”.

    And now I’m looking at the shiny idea and thinking about how to spin the implications.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      That sounds fun. I know that Ken Hite did something similar with Constantine in a Suppressed Transmission, but the Grail legend through a Carcosan lens is, indeed, shiny.

  • sykoticwit says:

    Ooohhh…that’d be fun.

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