The ‘It’ Honest Trailer.

It was a fan pick, which probably explains why – oh, here, watch it.

Anyway, It gets off pretty lightly in this one.  Mostly because the movie itself was, you know, legitimately good while also not doing anything particularly egregious.  After all, Honest Trailers thrives on good-natured ribbing* of the source material.  So when there’s nothing really to go off on, well: this is probably why they didn’t do an Honest Trailer on their own for It.

That sequel’s gonna be fun, mind you — what’s that? Of course there’s going to be a sequel. $700 million on a $35 million budget, after all.  That’s not even remotely a hard call to make.

Moe Lane

*Unless it’s Catwoman. Then all bets are off.

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