The New Tomb Raider trailer.

Like Geeks Are Sexy, I must admit: this looks better than the last trailer.

It is also absolutely based off of the 2013 video game. I thought so last year, but it’s pretty obvious now. I don’t know if this means that it will suck, however: the plot of the video game was looking pretty cinematic when I got defeated by the quick time events. Although now I’m tempted to give the game another shot.

Anyway: this is coming out in March.


  • Luke says:

    Cinematic is an apt descriptor.
    It took awhile for me to get into it, because large parts of it were more interactive movie than traditional video game.
    Giving up agency and just reacting to the prompts during these sections was rough.
    That said, by the midpoint I was well hooked.
    I still don’t know if I’d call it a good video game, but it’s darned good entertainment.

  • Luke says:

    After further review, it looks like it’s loosely based on that game.
    The relationships between characters are different. (The implied villain is a glaring example. I don’t recall him having any idea who Laura’s father was, much less caring.) There were also important characters I didn’t see any sign of.
    Secret societies were pretty much absent from the game.
    I’m pretty sure the “maybe magic, maybe mundane” buildup will be much less effective. (Since it necessarily has to be extremely compressed, and largely without apocalyptic logs.)
    But I do most definitely remember some of those cutscenes, and they were more epic in the game than in the trailer.

  • junior says:

    I got the game after sequel came out, and enjoyed it. I don’t remember issues with the QT events, but I might have a higher tolerance for them, having dealt with them elsewhere (I still have particularly obnoxious memories about a QT event involving a frost giant in a Marvel video game).

    Hopefully the movie won’t have Anita Sarkissian loudly proclaiming that the tear patterns on the protagonist’s pants are indicative of the misogyny of the director and screen writers.

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