Tweet of the Day, Define Playing UNO ‘Wrong’ edition.

It’s an interesting question, really.

I don’t remember how to play UNO at this point, but I don’t remember ever playing with the ability to challenge other people’s use of the Draw Four Wild card.  The question is, though: if a rule doesn’t seem to matter much in actual gameplay (in this case, play balance), should you even have that rule in the first place? Specifically, does the ability to challenge people over an obscure like this make the game better to play? And if it doesn’t, is the gameplay ‘wrong’ in any real sense beside the legalistic one?

I don’t know. Maybe?

Moe Lane


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  • Luke says:

    Having a rule against lying fundamentally misses the point of card games.
    You might as well tell the unvarnished truth while in a bar, holding forth about the last time you went fishing.

  • Compound says:

    I fiddled around with the XBox Live version of Uno for a while back in the early XBL days, and I’m fairly certain the challenge button would pop up when that card was played. And, since I never really played Uno as a kid, that’s the version that stuck with me.
    And, I’m a gamer. “You’re playing this wrong” has been deeply ingrained in my soul since the days where we’d spend more time arguing about the current errata in SFB than actually playing. (Or Car Wars. No, you can’t put 3 rocket platforms on top of a van. Ugh, that tourney…)

  • junior says:

    I’m pretty sure I played with the ability to challenge when someone played a Draw Four. It didn’t happen often, but sometimes someone got caught.

    Of course, we also played that if you couldn’t play a card, you kept drawing cards until you could instead of only drawing one card.

  • JustDave says:

    People are changing game rules to fit their own preferences for game play? I’d say that’s “wrong” only for new and previously unsuspected definitions of the word…

  • Finrod says:

    People have been doing Free Parking in Monopoly ‘wrong’ for decades as well, too, and in every game I played the part about auctioning off properties landed on that the lander didn’t want to buy just got skipped. As for Uno, my parents were too cheap to buy a specialized deck of cards, we just played Crazy Eights with a standard deck.

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