Tweet of the Day, The Eagles Are Going To The Superbowl edition.

Their fans are handling it well.

No, really.  This is classy, for Eagles fans. I mean, there’s even a 90% chance that that last guy is wearing pants.


  • jeboyle says:

    My home town, but I can’t say that you’re wrong.

  • techsan says:

    So…Team B (Eagles) whomps Team A (Vikes) and proceed to loudly insult Team A with a *cheer* of “Foles” (instead of Skol).

    Ok…so far…squarely in the snarkiness that is Team B in this scenario.

    Now, Team B has to travel to Team A’s city for the next game. Team B was just a bit ugly to Team A. And Team A has an overall (passive aggressive) attitude called “Minnesota Nice”.

    If I were a fan a Team B, I’d know that my wait at the bar in Minneapolis might be a little longer…that the people in the host city might not think I’m all that…

    And then I’d remember I’m an Eagles fan…at which point police might be needed along with a rich relative to get me out of jail after the game.

    • nicklevi86 says:

      As Pats fans just sit back, sip our Dunkin’s coffee and hurl maternal implications across the room at both parties because we can.

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