Creature seed: Pseudo-blankets.

Blame my wife for this one.

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They’re not exactly monsters.  Yes, they were summoned from an eldritch plane of existence that isn’t very nice. Yes, back in their home dimension they’re vicious predators. And yes, they were summoned by evil magicians in order to be monsters.  Amateur evil magicians.

I mean, do people understand why nobody summons demons from Hell? It’s not that the techniques are unknown; there are still tons of functional medieval grimoires out there.  It’s that the demons these days are damned, pardon the pun, useless.  Hell is an intensely low-energy place; you need to find one of the actual original Fallen Archangels that rebelled against The LORD, all that time back, if you want to find something that would actually be useful on this plane of existence.  And all of those relative Powers are simply gone now.  They previously got yanked out to here, given a job beyond their powers, and then promptly imploded.  The only reason that the Lightbringer hasn’t joined them is because The LORD forbade it.


So.  In Hell, the Pseudo-blanket is a fearsome scavenger and predator that attacks and envelopes anything that moves.  On Earth, it’s a very nice, warm duvet-like object that is perfect for snuggling.  If you put one in a cover, it might (might) be able to extricate itself from it, after a few nights of effort.  But mostly it just sits in the bedroom and soaks up all the energy it needs from its surroundings.  Yes.  Hell is that energy-starved.


But it’s still freaky. Pseudo-blankets are, after all, from a malevolent plane of existence and probably would be malevolent themselves, given sufficient self-awareness.  Certainly its habit of mildly tangling up the body of whoever’s using it as a blanket seems a bit, well, unpleasant when you know the Pseudo-blanket’s origins. But these things are quite the fad, among magicians who specialize in demon-summoning.


What? Oh, yes, there’s an entire community of those sorts of people.  They typically summon minor demons to make them fight in little miniature combat pits.  It’s better than Pokemon, and even safer.

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  • AndaO says:

    re fights:
    George R.R. Martin “Sand Kings”

    everything old is new again

    had to look this up!
    Peter Allen, song writer. in All that Jazz

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