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It’s like a Speakeasy, only everything and everyone in it is dead.  That’s actually less macabre than it sounds; nothing is decomposing, decaying, or even subtly off.  Just… dead. As in, all the beers are from breweries that no longer exist, the jukebox is a classic Seeburg that plays 45s only from artists who have passed away (including artists who never had their albums recorded on 45s), the television gets stations and shows that have been off the air for decades and the staff — well, you can figure it out.  Note that the bartenders and waitresses never leave the Spokeeasy.  They’re openly disinterested in even trying.

But it’s not a bad place to get a drink! Truly, it is not.  The psychic atmosphere of a Spokeeasy is nostalgic, or even friendly; living humans will soon feel comfortable there. It doesn’t suck up anybody’s life force or curse them.  More or less.  What Spokeeasies do do is take in the life force that living humans normally radiate out from themselves as part of being, well, alive. It doesn’t take much to power a Spokeeasy, really.  A couple of patrons per night usually will suffice.  If none show up, the site will more or less go into dormancy — but given that the beer is cheap and the surroundings congenial, that’s rarely a problem.


A good analogy here is that Spokeeasies are life energy symbiotes, not parasites. A lot of death-aspected or life-eating locales are parasites; a human walking into one is going to be in serious danger until he walks back out, assuming that he can. But Spokeeasies are as about as harmless as a site that sells alcoholic beverages can be. Even groups that habitually destroy haunted houses and demon trucks on sight typically won’t target a Spokeeasy. There’s always something or somewhere that’s being more of an immediate problem.

One last note: the food and drink in a Spokeeasy does not nourish, but it will get people drunk — as long as they stay inside the Spokeeasy.  This is apparently another evolutionary adaptation, as there are plenty of people who will happily pay to be able to drink all night, then instantly sober up once they walk out the door. And yes, Spokeeasies make people pay for drinks.  It’s not exactly obvious where the money goes afterward, but presumably somebody’s making a profit on these places?

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