The ‘Good Society: A Jane Austen RPG’ Kickstarter is live.

The Good Society: A Jane Austen Kickstarter may not seem to be, superficially, my cup of tea. But  I like Austen. Her books are filled with sarcasm and wit.  And I absolutely regret her never getting to really see the Gothic literary movement in full flower*.  She would have loved it, with all the passion of a late convert.

Also, there’s this:

My wife no longer has to worry about what she’s getting me for my birthday, because this is going to be it.  Mind you, I have to come up with a proper character; I have been informed that ‘brash exchange student’ is an unfortunate staple of Harry Potter fanfic, so I’ll need to come up with something else.  Perhaps I shall be the terribly earnest curate looking for a situation. Or the young sprig of the aristocracy who hides his exciting secret deeds behind an over-effected exterior.  Or… something.

Moe Lane

*Jane Austen died before Frankenstein came out, which is a tragedy. I suspect that Austen’s feelings toward the Gothic genre would have been ameliorated by seeing more truly good versions of it. Shelley, Poe** — and, OK, I’m starting to run out of examples from that time period. But still.

**”WE! DO NOT! TALK ABOUT! THE ORANGUTAN!”  You’d think that would stop being funny.

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