Book of the Week: Fritz Leiber: Selected Stories.

I picked Fritz Leiber: Selected Stories because, inexplicably, somebody hasn’t put together the definitive Fritz Leiber collection on Kindle yet; nor have they converted Nights Black Agents into electronic form.  This amazes me.  I mean, I see things out there on Amazon that people apparently thought were more important to work on than straightening out Kindle’s appalling Fritz Leiber shortage.  For shame, publishing industry. For shame.

And so, adieu to Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon.


  • Luke says:

    I was about to remark that I have Nights Black Agents on .pdf, and that it can be directly obtained from Pelgrane Press.
    Then I clicked the link, and realized:
    1) Kenneth Hite lifted the name,
    2) There’s a Lieber book out there that I’ve somehow never heard about,
    3) I very badly want to know the linkage between #1 & #2,
    4) I want it.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      You’d think that somebody would have put all of Leiber on e-book by now. That’s, like, free money just being left on the table.

      • Luke says:

        One of the first Kindle purchases I was going to make was a collection of Fafherd and the Grey Mouser books.
        I quickly found I could buy it in paperback at half that price.
        You’d think after a decade and a half, they’d either have come up with more convincing rationalizations, or succumbed to market pressure.

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