GURPS Martial Art: Cheer [GURPS 4e]

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Cheer [15/21]


This underground martial art is practiced by the most hardcore of American cheerleading squads.  It’s an almost merciless discipline to learn: initiates start tough, and are ruthlessly taught to push their bodies to the maximum.  Those who stick it out become tricky and unpredictable opponents in a fight; those who don’t still keep the squad’s secrets.


Factoid: 85% of American corporate ninja have at least basic proficiency in Cheer, and 42% of them list Cheer as their primary martial art.

Skills: Acrobatics, Climbing, Jitte/Sai, Judo, Jumping.


Optional Skills: Shield (Buckler), Stealth, Throwing, Whip.


Maneuvers: Acrobatic Stand, Arm Lock, Attack from Above, Breakfall, Choke Hold, Disarm (Judo), Evade (Acrobatics), Feint (Judo), Sweep (Judo).


Cinematic Skills: Kiai.


Cinematic Maneuvers: Dual Weapon Attack (Jitte/Sai), Grand Disarm (Judo), Roll With Blow (Acrobatics), Snap Weapon (Jitte/Sai), Whirlwind Attack (Jitte/Sai).


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