Item Seed: The Pinkerton Protocol.

Pinkerton Protocol – Google Docs

The Pinkerton Protocol


This file is a legend among American federal bureaucrats; not everybody’s heard of it, but those who have are all convinced that the Pinkerton Protocol is real, effective, and unfortunately not possessed by anybody who owes them a favor.  It is, supposedly, a 1865 treaty between the US Government and “The Folk of the Air,” put together by Allan Pinkerton and signed by Abraham Lincoln.  It also supposedly has been reaffirmed by every American President since then, which sounds impossible.  Surely someone would have leaked the Protocol by now.

What does the Pinkerton Protocol actually do?  Well, it supposedly effectively operates as a treaty of peace and friendship.  The USA affirmed that ‘American soil would welcome the Fae foot,’ and that ‘American cold iron would not gnaw at the Fae belly;’ and the Fae swore to forego ‘murder, theft, rapine, and horrors’ against Americans.  The signatory for the Fae signed the Protocol in a manner that hurts the eyes; Lincoln’s own signature faintly pulses in dark light.


The rest of the file consists of the more immediately interesting information: the contact information for various Fae tribes and species.  Use of this information would make summoning Faerie (both Seelie and Unseelie) remarkably easier, with the caveat that doing so without prior approval by at least a Permanent Assistant Secretary is contraindicated.  No, really, it says so right there.  You just can’t see it real well, thanks to the faded blood stain.


What’s that? Yeah, the file containing the Pinkerton Protocol has seen some things. It’s beat up, slightly frayed, and overstuffed with a hundred years of summoning document paperwork.  Which includes the most interesting notes scrawled in the margins.  Some of those notes might even prove to be good advice.  And some of those notes might even prove to be good advice that was realized in time.

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