Crimson-Rivered Alexandria [The Day After Ragnarok]

Crimson-Rivered Alexandria – Google Docs

Crimson-Rivered Alexandria

[The Day After Ragnarok]


City: Alexandria, Louisiana

Population: 8,000/40,000

Controls: Rapides Parish and portions of central Louisiana

Government: Despotism

Problem: Fuel Shortage

Heroic Opportunity: Trade Goods

City Aspect: Tense. Louisiana Governor James Davis happened to be in Hollywood at the time of the Serpentfall, and he still operates out of California, while styling himself ‘Governor of Louisiana.’ However, former Lt Governor Earl Long has also claimed the title, and has set up a new capital in Alexandria.  Earl Long has both his family name and the almost ungrudging support of the Army and Army Air Force troops at Fort Beauregard, which is why Texas takes Long’s claims more seriously.  The Stevenson administration is also rumored to be taking seriously Long’s offer to join a hypothetical Texan Republic.

Long’s position is hardly as secure as it looks, however.  On paper, the ‘Governor’ has an impressive (for the region) amount of military hardware to call on, but his armor and air units have almost no fuel reserve to spare. So far, Long has gotten around this by sheer bluff, while his local ‘Louisiana National Guard’ expands as rapidly as he can make it happen (Long has plenty of rifles and ammunition for them).  This includes recruiting ‘Creole’ soldiers and officers; Long’s recruiters are notorious for signing off on anybody who is willing to go out into the swamps and shoot monsters, bandits, and the more aggressive refugees from Mississippi.


Complicating all of this is the New Konfederacy, which has no interest in allowing Governor Long to build up a power structure in central Louisiana before the Konfederacy can get around to conquering it.  Birmingham’s military reach is not yet long enough to reach across Mississippi to get to Alexandria, but it can easily spread gold around where it can do the most harm. Bandit- and klavern-suppression duty has thus become something that Alexandria will pay well for, if you don’t mind being paid in C-Rations and Army boots. More and more, many mercenaries don’t mind at all.

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