The second ‘Rampage’ trailer.

This one… isn’t so bad. I mean, you have to grade Rampage on a curve, because it’s a video game movie and we all know what that means.  But it has its moments. Including A-10 Warthogs, which should absolutely be the first choice when you’re dealing with giant monsters.  It’s nice to see that Hollywood is finally catching up on that.

I don’t know. If it gets good buzz, maybe I’ll go see it.  I laughed at some of the stuff in the trailer, after all.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, I have low standards when it comes to movies.

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  • Cameron says:

    It does look like fun which is the main thing I look for.

  • 1_rick says:

    This movie looks like it’s going to be awesome.

    BTW after the video ended I saw another trailer for an upcoming summer movie with Dwayne Johnson: Skyscraper. He plays a former military guy who lost part of a leg, and now is going to be some kind of security consultant for a 340-story building, and terrorists or bank robbers or something causes trouble.

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