Looks like @PelgranePress’s Cthulhu City is finally out.

Time to make what Charlie Ross calls a save vs. shiny roll:

…Oh, who am I kidding? Cthulhu City is precisely the sort of Trail of Cthulhu supplement that I’d buy on sight, and Pelgrane Press knows it. There was never any hope for me. Save yourself!

Moe Lane

PS: Basically, it looks like they’re combining Cthulhu, urban noir, and probably Lovecraft’s deep-seated loathing of any city that wasn’t Providence into one big, happy pile. Fun!

One thought on “Looks like @PelgranePress’s Cthulhu City is finally out.”

  1. Well, there goes my allowance for the month.
    I might mind more if I actually had time available to execute my previous plan. But that’s not likely to be in the cards for another three weeks.

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